About Me
  1. Gabi Restrepo,
    Communication Design Junior
  2. I'm from Miami, Florida, half Colombian and Nicaraguan. I've always been interested in art, and decided communication design was the perfect, practical major that could use my art skills.
  3. I have no HTML/CSS/JS experience but used to add fun mouses on my tumblr pages through code but I'm not quite sure that it was
  4. I hope to get comfortable with the different coding programs and not be so clueless on how websites are developed and created
  5. I think designing for screen means it needs to be a lot more planned and precise.
  6. I've realized the only websites I go to are mainly shopping websites but I beleive https://www.glossier.com has an effective design. It's simple and has appealing colors and aesthetics for the market it advertises to. The pictures are Petra Collins-esque, and the font choice is simple. The links in the side bar are also easily navigable.
  7. The nytimes.com in my opinion exemplifies effective communication. Although it is a lot of information at once it doesn't seem overwhelming and you can take in a lot of information from one page. You easily can move from one story to the next, getting a brief summary from the caption/headline or you can click the article and read it. This design allows for easy read of different stories. It is also categorized by most recent or relevant events but also different categories, so you can find exactly what you want simply from the home page.
  8. Although Wikipedia is not a loved website, I think it works well. The information is organized well on each individual page, and it links you constantly to many relevant pages related to what you are looking at.